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"Customer Traac provides the phone support our stores need to be successful. My advisors spend less time on the phones and more time with our customers, which has helped us improve sales as well as CSI. Everyone wins!"

Paul McAskill, Fixed Operations Director

Napleton Auto Group, Illinois


"CTI has allowed us to focus our attention on our customers. Our sales per repair order have increased, our customer satisfaction scores are high, and we control our own destiny. Don't let your advisors control your traffic. If you manage it with CTI, your repair order counts will increase considerably and you'll see a large increase in email addresses in your database daily. CTI asks every time. Do your advisors?"

Shawn Wakeman, Service Director

Frank Ancona Honda, Kansas


"Our scheduling has improved with CTI. On Saturdays, the hours available are always full. Our advisors' time is much better utilized. They used to spend a lot of time on the phones when making appointments. Now they get that information at write-up."

Pete Candito, Service Director

Johnson Dodge, New Jersey


"It's amazing how much phone time CTI saves us. Our labor sales are up .3 per RO since they started taking our calls and the monthly special they offer averages nearly $3,000 a month. Their agents do a great job."

Mike Evans, Service Manager

Amato Hyundai Mazda, Milwaukee, WI


"Customer Traac does a great job filling our schedule and has been invaluable in helping us manage recall related phone traffic. Their account reps are responsive and always get us the help we need."

Randy Francis, Service Director

O'Neill Honda, Overland Park, KS


"CTI keeps my advisors off the phones and in the drive, where they belong. Our phones are answered promptly and it's easy for customers to make appointments. What more could you ask for?"

Paul Lecher, Service Manager

Russ Darrow Nissan, Wisconsin



"Customer Traac lets my advisors forget about the phones and stay in the drive where they belong. Their support has been instrumental in helping us manage our growth over the last couple years."

Greg Lecher, Service Manager

Russ Darrow Honda, Milwaukee, WI


"Customer Traac definitely takes the pressure off the phones. Their agents are very professional and do a great job filling the schedule. Our consultants now have time to deliver the service experience our guests expect. We use them at all 4 of our locations!"

Todd Berman

Berman Auto Group, Illinois


"Customer Traac schedules 80% of our appointments, giving our advisors more one-on-one time in the drive to sell services. Our CP labor sales are up 35% quarter over quarter since we went live on their program."

Harold Story, Fixed Operations Director

Regional Hyundai, Broken Arrow, OK


"Customer Traac has been an excellent addition to our service department. The amount of time our ASMs now have with their customers is simply amazing! Customer Traac's support team provides quick response whenever we need it."

Greg Heins, Service Director

Jay Wolfe Toyota of Kansas City, Missouri


"Customer Traac has eliminated the peaks and valleys in our schedule. We're busy everyday, and gross profit is up. We couldn't be happier!"

Tim Clark, Service Manager

Auffenberg Nissan, O'Fallon, IL


"Customer Traac helped us improve our service transaction from appointment to active delivery. We just completed an all-time record month for fixed ops gross and our CSI is now consistently in the green. They're great partners!"

Nicholas Sansone, Service Manager

Berlin City Honda, Portland, ME


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